Course Enrollment for 2019-2020

Course enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year will take place in advisory February 4th- February 22nd.

USD 500 Diploma+ Opportunities

Bio+ Program
CVS Pharmacy Internship
Emergency Medical Technician
Tech Impact @ Cerner Corporation

Career Academies

JC Harmon is divided into 3 career academies for student exploration.
ACE- Architecture, Construction, Computer Science, Engineering
BW- Business & Web Design
HHS- Health, Human & Public Service

TEC Enrollment for 11th & 12th Grade Students

If you are on track and on time for graduation, and interested in earning free technical education through KCKCC here are the steps to get started:

  1. Identify your program of interest from the list below.
  2. Apply for admission at https://apply.kckcc.edu/apply
  3. See your advisor or counselor to get an enrollment form for the college.

TEC Programs for High School Students

Auto Collision Repair
Auto Technology
Building and Property Maintenance
Computer Repair
Construction Technology
Cosmetology (seniors only)
Early Childhood Education
Heating and Refrigeration
Health Careers (seniors only)
Machine Technology
Major Appliance Technology
Multimedia/Video Production
Nail Technology (seniors only)
Networking Technology
Office Assistant
Professional Cooking
Welding Technology

Enrollment Locker

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Business Course of Study
1/24/17 10:55 AM – Maggi Schoonover
Course Descriptions
1/25/17 9:07 AM – Maggi Schoonover
Education Course of Study
1/24/17 11:01 AM – Maggi Schoonover
Elective Course List
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Engineering Course of Study
1/24/17 10:59 AM – Maggi Schoonover
Graduation Checklist
2/10/15 9:31 AM – Maggi Schoonover
Health Science Course of Study
1/24/17 11:00 AM – Maggi Schoonover
Human Services Course of Study
1/24/17 11:01 AM – Maggi Schoonover
Visual Arts Course of Study
1/24/17 11:02 AM – Maggi Schoonover
Web & Digital Course of Study
1/24/17 11:02 AM – Maggi Schoonover

Graduation Requirements

4.5 English credits
4 math credits
3 history credits
3 science credits- including biology and physical science or chemistry
1 physical education credit
2 career and technical credits
1 fine arts credit
6.5 elective credits

Courses for College Credit

Are you interested in earning college credit in high school? The courses below are available for Harmon students while still in high school. To qualify for these courses the student must take and earn a qualifying score on the Accuplacer exam and apply for admission through KCKCC at kckcc.edu/apply.

American Government (3 hours)
Art Appreciation (3 credit hours)
Biology (3 credit hours)
Calculus (3 credit hours)
College Algebra (5 credit hours)
Composition 1 (3 credit hours)
Composition 2 ( 3 credit hours)
French 1 & 2 (10 credit hours)
Intro to Literature (3 credit hours)
Intro to Physics (3 credit hours)
Psychology ( 3 credit hours)
Public Speaking (3 credit hours)
Sociology (3 credit hours)
Spanish 1 & 2 (10 hours)
Statistics (3 credit hours)
US History since 1787 ( 3 credit hours)