2021-22 Enrollment Resources





NOW Access your Graduating Classes Scheduling Guide for 2021-2022 and start thinking about courses you would like to take next year. 

Class of 2025 Scheduling Guide

Class of 2024 Scheduling Guide

Class of 2023 Scheduling Guide

Class of 2022 Scheduling Guide 

Resources to Help you Make Course Selections 

Elective Courses Available

USD 500 Course Catalog


Beginning Wednesday, February 24 


Login to Infinite Campus to use the Course

Registration Tool to select courses for 2021-22 School Year.

Do not do this until Feb. 24 or your choices might not stick!

Directions for Course Registration for 2021-22 School Year

Video Directions for Course Registration for the 2021 School Year

  • Your choices will automatically save and you can come back to edit them later
  • Use your Harmon Scheduling Guide to fill in your classes on Infinite Classes
  • Then, select ALTERNATE courses for elective courses you would like, if your first choice is not available
  • You may not make changes to REQUIRED courses 


March 11

Infinite Campus Course Registration must be completed by the end of the day.


We understand this process can be complicated and that you may have questions!

Contact your Harmon counseling team, Ms. Boyette at lynne.boyette@kckps.org, Ms. Viruete at kaleena.viruete@kckps.org or Ms. Schoonover at maggi.schoonover@kckps.org with any questions.